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Size: One Size
Color: Grey/Black

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The Trigger Point STK Sleek Handheld Foam Roller features a portable, slim design for targeted muscle relief and recovery. The unique Acura Surface design grips the skin while rolling, to help channel oxygen and blood flow to the tissue for enhanced muscle recovery. Slim grip ergonomic handles provide easy leverage and pressure control for users to target tight muscle aches and pains. The STK Sleek can be used while either seated or standing, at home or on-the-go, to roll through tight muscles and knots in soft tissue that can restrict movement and mobility. The STK Sleek massage stick can be used on both lower and upper body, including calf, hamstring, quadriceps, hips and back to improve mobility. One year manufacturer's warranty. 1.5 inch wide x 18 inch length, 1 pound.

  • Lightweight, portable massage stick designed with Acura silicone surface to effectively grip skin while rolling and release tight and sore muscles
  • Slim, ergonomic handles make it easy to control and leverage pressure for targeting hard to reach muscle knots
  • Engineered for user controlled pressure to reduce muscle soreness and increase circulation for quick muscle recovery after a workout or recovering from an injury
  • Can be used either seated or standing, to massage lower and upper body muscle groups, including calf, hamstring, quadriceps, and back to improve mobility
  • Compact and travel-friendly at 2 inch width x 18 inch length, 1 pound
  • Sweat-proof and easy-to-clean material
  • Backed by 1 year manufacturer's warranty